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In simple terms, economics explains how we use limited resources for unlimited needs. The needs of society are unlimited whereas resources to satisfy these needs are scarce. Therefore, economics study how scarce resources are utilized in optimum manner to satisfy unlimited needs. Economics is both an art and a science. It deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Economics is divided in two broad sections of macro economics and micro economics. Macro economics is concerned about inflation, unemployment, and industrial production of a country whereas micro economics is concerned about how demand and supply affect price, wages, rentals and interest rates.

Why Students need help in Economics Assignments?

Many students finds economics to be very difficult subject as they have to comprehend various theories relating to demand, supply, interest rates, inflation etc. These theories are very complex and different authors have pronounced different theories. Moreover, various internal and external factors also affect economics policies. Generally, students face difficulties in following topics of economics assignment:

  • How interest rates affects production and distribution of goods and services
  • How changes in interest rates affects demand and supply in the market
  • How inflation affects real income and savings of nation
  • How inflation affects long run equilibrium of demand and supply
  • Effect of globalization and privatization on economy of the nation
  • Effect of import / export on current account transactions and foreign exchange rates
  • How a certain percentage change in price will affect demand and supply of goods and services

The International Students also have constraint of time while completing their economics assignments as they generally have job along with study. The international students find it very difficult to balance between college, job and assignments. Therefore, they need help in completing their economics assignments.

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