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Management Accounting has developed as an Independent branch of accounting during last century. Management accounting is different from cost accounting in the sense that later is used to just record cost of goods and services. Management accounting is very broad and primary purpose of management accounting is to provide information to the management to take informed business decisions. The management accountants have developed various tools to help management in decision making.

Why Students need help in Management Accounting Assignments?

TThe management accounting assignment requires through understanding of various concepts of management accounting like cost classification, costing methods, variable costing, standard costing, variance analysis, budgeting, responsibility accounting etc. The student may need to apply more than one concept of management accounting to complete the management accounting assignment with accuracy. Some of the problems faced by students while completing management accounting assignment are;

  • Bifurcation between variable cost, fixed cost and mixed cost
  • Calculation of equivalent units of production under process costing
  • Calculation of variable overhead and fixed overhead variances
  • Preparation of Flexible Budget
  • Calculation of breakeven point for company with multiple products
  • Calculation of Margin of Safety etc.

The International Students also have constraint of time while completing their management accounting assignments as they generally have job along with study. The international students find it very difficult to balance between college, job and assignments. Therefore, they need help in completing their management accounting assignments.

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