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Financial Analysis of Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson


Your team is a group of investment advisers and you have been provided with the most recent published annual financial statements for two different companies Bayer AG; and Johnson and Johnson plc. Copies of each company’s annual report can be found on the module Moodle page. Based on the content of the financial statements and other relevant information in the latest annual reports of both companies, you are required to; a) Use of range of relevant techniques to critically evaluate and compare the financial performance of the two companies. Your analysis should; 1. Provide a brief background for each company 2. Make use of vertical and horizontal analysis to analyse the performance of each company 3. Use a range of financial ratios to critically evaluate each company’s i. Profitability ii. Liquidity position iii. Efficiencyiv. Gearing v. Investment (Whether it is attractive to shareholders) (Include all calculations, workings and formulae used in an appendix to your report) 4. Using all the information at your disposal, critically evaluate the financial performance of each company b) Based on your analysis, recommend and explain which company is more attractive to invest in from a financial perspective c) Outline any limitations of your analysis