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Business Plan


Green & Fresh Organic Restaurant Startup Business Plan Green & Fresh’s mission is to change the way people think about and eat Outside food. At the centre of this superior goal are two deep committments. Our unique and healthy and tasty food formulais a direct consequence of our constant effort to find higher quality, more sustainable ingredients produced by sustenance farming methods, along with better cooking techniques to prepare and serve the best tasting and healthy food possible. And our special people tradition, focuseson attracting and building empowered teams to achieve top standards, allows us to create an amazing dining experience for our customers and help us to internally develop future leaders to continue our growth. We distinguish ourselves from the peers in the industry through our unique recipes that nourishes the consumers .Our quest for quality begin from sourcing ingredients from sustainable sources since we recognise ingredients determine the taste and healthiness of the food we serve.To improve the quality of food we reach their roots, the farmers, Meat growers and farming practices and strengthen them by supporting them with best farming practices and animal husbandary techniques and this obviously develop the bond our customers will have with Green & Fresh because we care more on well being rather than just profits. Our strong belief is that our existence in this field will be cherished because what we serve is not just food its beyond it.We procure and serve food made of Organically grown non-genetically modified ingredients and naturally raised meats. We exhibit this Ingredients information in our restaurants and get it certified by experts. We serve a social cause and we strive to clean the mess and propagate to customers the forgotten message” we become what we eat”. Eating unhealthy foods served made this present population to pay a hefty price become less healthy and prone to lifestyle diseases. We aim at creating unique marketing programs and convert our customers into advocates for us and run a number of marketing campaigns in public gatherings and events to make the Brand” Green and Fresh” stand out. We understand the difficulties in implementing and achieving the level and standards we described above but they are not something which is not humanly attainable. Contents Introduction and Explanation of the Business Venture Assumptions Conclusions Sales budget (volume) Sales revenue budget ($) Expenses budget ($) Capital budget ($) Budgeted Statement of Financial Performance for two years (P&L). Budgeted Statement of Financial Position for two years (Balance Sheet) Budgeted Cash flows Ratio Analysis and Comments