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Johnson Tap Company is a manufacturer of taps and fittings for the plumbing trade, located in Brisbane. The Company was established by Ken Hall in 1951, with a workforce of 10, to meet the needs of the post-war housing boom. Its product range was fairly limited but the company had an excellent reputation for quality. Nowadays, CTC manufacturers an extensive range of high quality brass and chrome taps. The company is managed by Ken’s son, Michael, and employs 20 people. It has annual sales averaging approximately $1million. Although it has been consistently profitable, CTC has experienced increasing pressure from competitors since the early 1990s. The company uses a cost-plus approach to pricing but is having to reduce its markup constantly in order to maintain market share. Both Ken and Michael qualified as engineers. The business is small and has never been able to employ an accountant. Instead, a bookkeeper calculates monthly profit as sales revenue minus expenses. Prices are based on rough estimates of cost of direct material and direct labour inputs plus a 50% markup.