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MBA 6315


B. Two company scenarios are listed below. Based on the information provided in each scenario, prepare the corresponding Cash T-Account in the columns to the right of each scenario. Your T-Account should be in good form and utilize cell referencing and formulas where applicable. Scenario 1 (10 points): Hannah's Hot Dogs, Ltd., engaged in the following cash transactions when she started up the business this year. Record each transaction in the Cash T-Account Provided in Columns H and I of this worksheet. Be sure to label each item in the T-Account with its corresponding number. The T-Account is drawn for you in this first scenario. 1 Received cash from investors $30,000 2 Paid cash for hot dog cart 4,900 3 Paid cash for hot dog, buns, and condiment inventory 2,000 4 Paid cash for cart license 1,200 5 Received cash from customers 6,700 6 Paid cash for insurance 3,000 7 Paid cash to accountant 1,000 8 Paid cash for taxes 450