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About Queen Zaria


About Queen Zaria Queen Zaria is a NZ brand that offers beautiful lingerie exclusively for women who have undergone surgery related to breast cancer. “ We cater to all shapes, sizes and surgical operations. We can custom make our bras just to suit you. Queen Zaria understands the frustration when bra shopping with a prosthesis. At Queen Zaria we empower women; all our models are breast cancer survivors. They are either wearing a prosthesis or have had a reconstruction. This gives our customers an authentic insight into how the bra will actually sit. Queen Zaria's mission is to provide not only beautiful bras for breast cancer survivors, but a support network for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer” Major essay requirements: 1. Review the Queen Zaria website (http://queenzaria.co.nz) 2. Identify and describe the customers and divide them into four market segments