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Managerial Control System


For this assignment, select an organization, which can be either a public sector organization or private sector organization, and evaluate its managerial control system. The assignment will require you to undertake research and gather information about specific aspects of the organization’s managerial control system from resources such as the company’s website and annual report as well as undertake an interview with representative(s) of the organization. This assignment is an LiWC industry / community project. Based upon the interview that was undertaken as well as the additional research, you are required to answer the following questions based upon the organization selected: 1. Identify and explain the Vision Mission and the strategic objectives of the selected organization (3 marks). 2. Outline and explain the organizational structure of the organization (4 marks). 3. With reference to the organizational structure, identify and explain the financial responsibility centres employed by the organization in terms of: a) revenue centres; b) expense centres; and c) profit centres (6 marks). 4. Identify and explain three: a) action controls; b) people controls; and c) results controls employed by the selected organization (6 marks). 5. What are the personnel controls employed by the organization and explain how they are implemented in terms of: a) selection and placement; b) training; and c) job design and the provision of the necessary resources (5 marks). 6. Explain the purpose of the strategic planning and budgeting processes within the organization (5 marks). 7. Referencing using Harvard referencing system (1 mark).