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Marketing Project II


Outcome The outcome of B2B marketing plan project assessment is a marketing plan for a B2B product. The assessment contains two parts: assessment 1 & assessment 2. Therefore, assessment 1 & 2 are related as a marketing plan for a B2B product. Tasks In order to address this task, the students are required to select a real life B2B product of any company in Australia. It is recommended that the students select a product/company that has websites so the lecturer is able to appreciate the report better. In addition, the students are required to validate the product and company to the lecturer. The product that has been selected will be used for both assessment 1 & 2 to develop a marketing plan. 2 HEP: HEP: NSW5028/CRICOS Provider Code NSW00246M QLD03107J © Laureate International Universities 2016 In this assessment (Assessment 2), the students are required to outline the target market, positioning, marketing mix and evaluation. In addressing the tasks, the students are required to use relevant theories/concepts learnt from this subject and relevant data/facts to show the application of theories/concepts. 1. Outline the target market of the selected B2B product. Refer to the segmentation analysis in assessment 1. Outline the target market of this product. Explain the relationship strategy for this specific target market to grow the business of the selected product. 2. Outline the SWOT analysis for this business. 3. Outline the marketing objectives for this product. 4. Formulate the positioning strategy for this product. Outline the core competency that the business has in the industry. Formulate the possible positioning statement for this product, considering: i. The target market ii. Core competencies iii. Reason to believe 5. Formulate the product mix. 6. Describe the service strategy for this product. Outline the customer’s service need for this product. Detail the service strategy required to meet the customer’s service need for this product. 7. Outline the marketing channel for this product. 8. Formulate the pricing strategy for this product. 9. Explain the IMC strategy for this product. Select at least two IMC tools to support this product. Explain the rationale of using these two tools. 10. Outline the evaluation plan of the marketing plan. Outline the key performance indicators (KPIs) for this product Outline the evaluation plan against the KPIs Report format Like any other marketing plans, the report should be in the format of formal report that contains title, table of content, headers and sub-headers. The report must include reference list, not bibliography, and in-text references in line with the College guidelines (Harvard referencing style).