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QUESTION 3 Simulation This is a work integrated assessment item. The tasks are similar to what would be carried out in the workplace. 10 marks A general practice has a nurse to attend patients with wounds and who need vaccinations. From an analysis of one week’s operation of the nursing service the following data were derived: Time between arrivals Number of occasions 10 10 15 20 20 25 25 30 30 15 Service time (minutes) Number of occasions 10 40 15 20 20 20 30 10 30 10 Using Excel set up a simulation model to simulate about 2 hours (120 minutes) from time zero, and determine whether one nurse is sufficient or whether a second nurse is needed in the practice. Show the data and the model in two printouts: (1) the results, and (2) the formulas. Both printouts must show row and column numbers and be copied from Excel into Word. See Spreadsheet Advice in Interact Resources for guidance.