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Service Marketing


Description: This assessment requires students to adopt the position of marketing consultants and conduct a service firm audit for a local business. Students are to work within groups of no more than three students. Students are to apply Marketing and Services Marketing theory as well as concepts learnt in class to the analysis of a selected business and then to make recommendations for areas that require improvement. The aim is to conduct an in-depth investigation and analysis of the organisation’s service marketing mix (7 P’s) highlighting areas that it excels in (i.e., compared to its key competitors) and areas that may need improvement. Where applicable, you are to provide appropriate recommendations. It is very important that you do not confuse customer service with services marketing. Your lecturer will provide more details during the tutorials to assist with this assessment. Working in groups: Group assessments are a great tool for learning and are used in top universities around the world. Some of the major benefits of group assessments are as follows: 􀁸 Promotes communication skills. 􀁸 Promotes and rewards teamwork and collaboration. 􀁸 Promotes project management skills and interdependence. 􀁸 Emphasises the need for accountability. 􀁸 Becoming work ready. For a number of reasons group work may not work well. If this happen within your group you should raise this issue with your Lecturer as early as possible so that steps may be taken to resolve the issue or issues. Please note students may not pass a group assessment if there is insufficient contribution. Feedback: Comments and a mark will be returned to you within two weeks of submission. Below is a marking guide, which will be used to provide you with your grade and summary feedback.