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Corporate Finance


Section 1: Equity and debt financing, risk and return, cost of capital 1. How much overall risk is there in the firm? (5 marks) 2. Where is the risk coming from (market risk, industry risk or currency risk)? (5 marks) 3. How is the risk profile changing? (5 marks) 4. What return would you have earned investing in this company’s stock? (5 marks) 5. Would your company’s stock have under or outperformed the market? (5 marks) 6. How much of the performance can be attributed to management? (5 marks) 7. What is its cost of equity? (5 marks) 8. How risky is this company’s debt? (5 marks) 9. What is its cost of debt? (5 marks) 10.What is this company’s current cost of capital? (10 marks)