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Taxation Assignment Help

Taxation is very important subject for every commerce student as tax policy
of the government directly affects industries and individuals. A progressive
tax policy results in growth of economy and improvement in standard of
living of people whereas a regressive tax policy is considered bad for the
economy and people of the country. The government imposes various taxes on
citizens and business. These taxes are bifurcated into direct tax and
indirect tax. The direct taxes includes individual income tax, corporate
tax, wealth tax, estate duty etc whereas indirect tax includes Goods and
Service Tax, Import duties etc.

Why Students need help in Taxation Assignments?

Taxation assignments are very important part of curriculum of the students.
The students have to submit tax assignment for the purpose of passing
taxation paper. The students face lots of difficulties in scoring high marks
in taxation assignments as these assignments requires understanding of
various sections of laws and rulings of various courts. The students
generally face difficulty in following topics of taxation assignments:

Determination of residential status for tax purpose
Preparation of tax returns of individual and partnership concerns
Calculation of Tax Liability
Computation of deductible expenses and allowances for tax purpose
Calculation of Capital Gain Tax
The International Students also have constraint of time while completing
their taxation assignments as they generally have job along with study. The
international students find it very difficult to balance between college,
job and assignments. Therefore, they need help in completing their taxation

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