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Audit is very important function of business. A systematic and scientific examination of books accounts is carried out in audit. Audit is conducted by an independent expert or body of such experts. The primary purpose of audit is to determine whether financial statements are free from material misstatement and whether balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow shows true and fair view of financial position, financial performance and cash flows of the company.

Why Students need help in Audit Assignments?

Audit assignments require in-depth understanding of various other subjects like accounting, finance, taxation etc along with audit. The students are required to apply various concepts of financial accounting, accounting standards, various tax and fiscal laws while solving audit assignments. The students also needs through understanding of various business functions and processes to complete an audit assignment with accuracy. The students face difficulties in following topics of audit assignments:

  • Determination of audit size and sample
  • Audit Risks: Inherent Risk, Control Risk and Detection Risk
  • Preparation of Audit Plan
  • Evaluation of internal control system
  • Adherence with Accounting Standards
  • Process of vouching a particular item of financial statement etc.

The International Students also have constraint of time while completing their taxation assignments as they generally have job along with study. The international students find it very difficult to balance between college, job and assignments. Therefore, they need help in completing their taxation assignments.

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