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The primary purpose of marketing is to increase sales of the company through various processes. Marketing Management practically applies marketing techniques and helps in managing resources and activities of the company. Marketing generally consists of identifying customer needs, creating customer oriented product, building and maintaining relationship with customers and reaping the benefits.

Why Students need help in Marketing Assignments?

The students are required to complete various marketing assignments if they have chosen marketing as their core subject. The students find marketing assignments very difficult as they have to conduct extensive research for the purpose of completing their marketing assignment. The students have to gather information from various sources as generally all the relevant information is not available on one place. The students have to often work on tight deadlines. The students face difficulties in following topics of marketing assignment:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Strategy, Segmentation and Positioning
  • Case study on 4P’s of Marketing
  • Case study on distribution setup of a company
  • Pricing Strategy of the company
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hospitability Management etc.

The International Students also have constraint of time while completing their marketing assignments as they generally have job along with study. The international students find it very difficult to balance between college, job and assignments. Therefore, they need help in completing their marketing assignments.

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