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MSA- Mathematics homework help

Almost everything we do today involves the use of mathematics & computers. Basic to both is the concept of numbers. Numbers are used in tasks as simple as balancing a cheque book or as complex as computing the orbit of a satellite. They are as basic to mathematics as mathematics is to all sciences. And mathematics makes possible the computers, which play a central role in modern life, from word processing to space technology.

Need for numbers

Numerals, the symbols for numbers, were invented first, then fractions & decimals. Electronic computers are now used for fast & accurate calculations involving large numbers. The idea of matching, or one to one correspondence, was used by our ancestors to count things. They first used their fingers or familiar objects as symbols for numbers. Later different systems of numerals or symbols were developed various civilizations developed their systems & symbols. An example was a system of arranging knots in strings.

The development of numerals resulted from the need to display & record numbers. Marks on a tree are useful, but they are not as convenient as numerals because they cannot be moved or erased. As trade & barter developed, the need grew for counting & recording more & larger numbers. The invention of writing led to the invention of numeral systems that were much more practical & convenient. Different systems of numerals were developed in different countries, & several of them are still being used today. These were like the pillars of modern mathematics; & modern mathematics & its evolution depends on these.

Branches of pure mathematics: Technically these are not the only branches of mathematics but there are many branches of mathematics arising from it & they are still under research.

  1. Algebra
  2. Calculus & analysis
  3. Geometry
  4. Logic
  5. Arithmetic
  6. Trigonometry

The numerals most widely used today1,2,3 & so on-originally were developed in India. Because they reached Europe by way of Arabic lands, they are commonly referred to as Arabic numerals. Chinese numerals are still used in China & Japan. Roman numerals are still often used for formal or decorative purposes-on faces of clocks & watches, for example. The crux is that we need mathematics in running even small chores in our day to day lives & life without numbers is almost unthinkable.

What numbers stand for

We find numbers all around us & we use numbers all the time. Some of us may use numbers without really knowing what they stand for. Numbers are used to counting & compare, to represent the positions of points on a line, & to represent the order of things. Numbers are used to denoting length, weight & volume. They’re also used to tell the time & to time intervals. Numbers may stand for time, weight or length or distance.

Calculations of mathematics are never-ending. Work in mathematical calculations is immense. But everything in this world has a base of calculations. Whether it be college level or university level work, mathematics gets trickier as the level increases.  Interestingly if there is a little mathematics homework help given you can probably excel in this subject.

Similarly, statistics is a larger way of describing numbers. It is the science of collecting necessary information then classifying & arranging it in a variety of graphs & tables. With the appropriate graphs & tables, we can systematically study complicated events & relationships. At MSA we shall study through examples; with mathematics, homework help how information is classified & presented with various branches of mathematics like algebra, geometry, trigonometry etcetera.

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