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Human Resource Management Assignment Help

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As we all know, the main strength of any successful corporate organization is its workforce, i.e., the people working cohesively towards the achievement of its goals & objectives. So, there is always a perennial requirement for professionals to manage a company’s most important resource. The study of Human Resource Management provides students with a lucrative & in-demand career with the job of recruiting, developing, managing & keeping an organization’s key resource motivated & productive.

As you can see, there are various functions that are included in the profile of an ideal Human Resource Manager. We at MSA will provide with Human Resource Management Assignment Help in each of these fields as you study them. Read on to find out about some responsibilities you may need to take on in Human Resource Manager (HRM).


An important part of Human Resource Management operation is hiring. It is the process of acquiring a pool of potential candidates to take charge of current and future job profiles as required by the organization. This helps the management to select the most suitable resource efficiently.

Job Design

In order to match the right professional with the organization’s job requirements, parameters like qualification, experience, skill set needs to be considered properly by the Human Resource Manager (HRM). Also, outlining the duties & responsibilities of an organizational position also falls under his purview.

Training Workforce

In order to perform the assigned duties efficiently, the corporate workforce needs to be kept updated with the latest industry knowledge & skills. It is also the job of HRM to groom & develop the workforce for potential promotions.


Helping the management with a periodic evaluation of the employee’s performance constitutes an important part of an HRM’s job responsibility. Also, helping the employee assess his appraisal results & developing accordingly greatly increases overall organizational performance.


It is a proven fact that a happy & content workforce greatly increases an organization’s productivity. The HRM plays an important role in assuring that through various benefits, services & facilities provided by the company is passed on to all of its intended beneficiaries.

Salary Management

The monetary disbursal of the various remunerations provided by the organization to their employees falls directly under the purview of the HRM. Also, individual performance-related individual bonuses are also monitored & disbursed by the HRM in consultation with the management.

Labor Relations

The relationship with the trade union of the workforce will also form an important part of your job profile. You will need to effectively act as the mediator between the higher management & the union spokespersons to form a fine balance. You need to ensure that their demands are reasonable & workers remain committed & productive to the organization.

Employee Research & Record-Keeping

An important part of an HRM’s job responsibility is to acquire correct data about an employee’s professional & relevant personal records. Also, maintaining various performance details during his tenure in the organization is vital to access his viability in the long term.

There is also the managerial aspect of being a Human Resource Manager. These include the functions discussed below.


Based on the organizational goals set by higher management, the HR Manager determines the number of employees needed to accomplish the same. Also, the type & variety of skill sets required by the workforce for the task is also to be assessed. Planning for present & future workforce requirements is one of the core functions of an HR manager.


After hiring, employees are assigned the roles set for them by the HR Manager based on the planning phase. The workforce is expected to perform cohesively towards the achievement of the collective goal as set by the management.


This is the function of overseeing the role allocation as per organizational goals. Keeping the employee motivated & focused is the main area of focus in the directing role of the HR Manager.


The last important managerial function of an HRM is to keep a close watch on employee performance. He needs to ensure they meet the desired level of output & are collectively working towards the organizational directives & take corrective measures in case of deviations.

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