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Management Accounting


Question 1 [66 marks] Financial statement analysis To complete this question, you must first download the 2014 annual reports for JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman and the excel file called ‘Assignment 2 template’ from the ‘Resources’ folder of your subject Interact site. You are the newly appointed business analyst of an investment company, Smartbiz Pty Ltd. The director has asked you to evaluate the investment potential of JB Hi-Fi, together with its competitor, Harvey Norman. Required: PART A:           In the ‘Assignment 2 Template’ complete the tab labeled ‘Question 1’, with the following missing information (templates can be found in the ACC100 interact site): Table 1.            Extract or compute relevant figures from the financial statements (and notes) included in the annual reports for both JB HI Fi and Harvey Norman into Table 1; Table 2.            Complete the ‘formula’ column (first one completed for you as an example) and the ‘JB Hi-Fi’ and ‘Harvey Norman’ columns (Strictly use formula only by pulling figures from Table 1. Do not key ratios answer directly into the table)