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Cash Flow Statement


Module 4 Excel Workbook Assignment MBA 6315 A.  Create the Statement of Cash Flows using the Indirect Method from the information provided. Include the required supplemental information regarding interest and taxes, and include any significant non-cash transactions (40 points—graded for accuracy and format, including Excel spreadsheet links). 1 The company paid dividends to its shareholders at the end of 2015. You need to calculate the amount. 2 The company sold a building (warehouse) in 2015. The building had a historical cost of $240,000 and was sold for $235,000 in cash. 3 The company purchased land for expansion. 4 The company invested in marketable securities with the intent of holding them long-term. They paid $200,000 for this investment. 5 The company sold an asset they were holding for sale for $17,000. 6 The company obtained a new warehouse through a 20-year capital lease agreement. They made a $36,000 cash principal payment on the first day of the lease term. 7 The company made a payment on their long term note. 8 Check Figures: Cash Provided by Operating Activities is $288,229. Cash Used for Investing Activities is ($96,000).