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International Marketing


Due: Week 10. A daily penalty of 5% will be applied to late assignments. Task: You are a marketing manager for an Australian fruit grower. You plan to expand the business by distributing into the international market. After considering several options, you have identified one country that appears to be a favourable market for the product. Write a marketing plan that assesses the market in your chosen country and explains why this country is suitable for your product. Recommend a market entry method, explaining your rationale for choosing it. Outline the target customer profile for your product (nominating areas of adaptation that will be necessary to make the product suitable for the target customer in that country), and the product positioning. Your plan should include the following sections: Executive summary; table of contents, introduction (of the company and product); choice of country - rationale & entry mode; environmental analysis; target customer profile (demographics, psychographics, etc), (concluding with a summary of the reasons why the target consumer in that country will buy your product); the product positioning; conclusion, bibliography, appendices (if applicable). Appropriate facts and figures on market size; market share and market growth must be included, as well as any relevant secondary data on consumer preferences and trends, and the market. It is essential to avoid general, unsupported statements and or unreferenced material. The report style is of a business/managerial report. References must follow the Harvard referencing style. Your report must include: • Reference from the text book, supporting your argument. • Correct written structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on report writing. • Harvard referencing for any sources you use. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Referencing. • A minimum of 4 academic references (including the text book). Assessment Submission: You must submit your assignment to MOODLE for it to be marked in Week 10. Another copy should be sent to TURNITIN to check for plagiarism. Marking guide ( rubric): Individual Report 3